She Keeps Falling For Men Who Are So Jaded Following Past Heartbreaks That They Refuse To Open Up Again

Plus, she recently took to the internet to figure out why men become so jaded after heartbreak anyway and refuse to ever open themselves up to the possibility of love again.

Why Heartbreak Can Cause Men To Become Emotionally Unavailable

Many men did come to the rescue, providing an explanation about why some become so jaded that they refuse to open up. And sadly, the root of the issue ties back to the fear of getting hurt again.

“It happened once. It can happen again,” began MiGaOh.

“Healing takes time. And it freaking hurts. Ignoring a wound doesn’t make it heal. But it does keep it from hurting. People just become numb to their little aches and pains. It has to hurt before a wound really heals, but we avoid the hurt and prefer to be numb.”

Others agreed and even shared their own personal experiences with relationship trauma.

“Hit the nail on the head there! She cheated on me after 13 years and two kids. If she can do it, why wouldn’t someone else?” asked Seansheeprider.

“I hate feeling this way, but I’m not getting hurt again. I’m sure at the beginning my ex would have said she would never hurt me…”

However, some people pointed out how constantly attracting these kinds of emotionally unavailable partners indicates there is a deeper problem at play. And it has to do with feeling like you can “save” people.

“This says more about you than these men. You can’t heal, save, or love someone who doesn’t want that kind of love from you. Remember that there are two sides to every story,” explained Kokospize.

“You certainly don’t know how they really treated those mythical women whom they once loved but hurt them. So why be upset about what you don’t really know? Take a break from dating and develop a protective plan for yourself,” they continued.

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