She Lives With Her Younger Sister, And Now That Her Sister’s Pregnant, She Wants To Switch Bedrooms With Her

undrey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you and your sibling ever moved into a place together? Some people love it, as your sibling is technically like your first roommate, but others find it impossible and stuffy.

One woman is at a standstill with her younger sister after she revealed that she would have to move her things around in their shared home because she’s having a baby.

She and her sister are both in their mid-20s, but she’s a few years older than her sister. Both of their parents sadly passed away, and they inherited their four-bedroom house. Not wanting to go anywhere else, she and her sister decided to live in the house together. 

One of the bedrooms is a large primary bedroom. It has an ensuite bathroom and a big walk-in closet. The other three bedrooms are average in size. They struck up a deal where her sister gets the primary room, and she gets two of the remaining rooms.

One is her actual bedroom, and the other is her gaming room. Finally, the smallest bedroom is used as a guest room. 

Things were going well for her and her sister until her sister’s boyfriend eventually moved in. A while after he did, her sister announced that she was pregnant and that they intended to raise their baby in the house.

“I’m not particularly looking forward to sharing a house with a screaming baby, but it’s her house too, and she has every right to be here and raise her kid,” she said.

She figured her sister and her boyfriend would use the guest room for their baby’s nursery, but she was wrong. Her sister wants her to move her things out of her gaming room so they can use that as the nursery.

Additionally, her sister still wants a guest room in the house since her boyfriend’s family will visit once the baby is born, so the guest room would stay as it is.

undrey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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