She Moved In With Her 94-Year-Old Father After A Bad Break Up And Has Been Documenting Her Journey: Everyone Loves His Sense Of Humor And Awesome Oatmeal Recipe

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If you’re a big fan of having a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, one TikTok user’s dad has a recipe you might love!

Lillie (@lilliemys) is a young woman who recently moved in with her dad after a breakup and lives with him on a beautiful beach in Florida.

Since then, she’s been documenting her journey, posting videos on TikTok all about her new routines, which involve a morning jump into the ocean and making memories with her hilarious dad.

One of Lillie’s videos recently went viral, and the internet fell in love with her dad’s sense of humor. The video is of her dad making his daily bowl of oatmeal, which he’s been eating every day since surviving a heart attack. 

“As you all can see, I’m 94-years-old, so it must help,” says Lillie’s dad jokingly as she stirs his pot of oats.

Lillie’s dad starts his daily breakfast by adding two cups of oats to a pot. Then, he adds some spices for flavor and health benefits. First, he adds a few dashes of cinnamon, then turmeric and black pepper.

Turmeric is known widely in the health and fitness world for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help fight cancer and lower the risk of heart disease. Lillie’s dad says adding black pepper to turmeric helps it absorb into your system better.

This is correct, as according to Healthline, the piperine found in black pepper helps your body absorb curcumin, the most active ingredient found in turmeric, therefore boosting all of its health benefits. 

Next, Lillie’s dad adds two large tablespoons of flaxseed into his oatmeal but warns not to add too much, or you’ll be “running to the bathroom.”

TravelMedia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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