She Put Together The First Political Demonstration In America Organized By Women Back In 1774, And It Was Called The Edenton Tea Party

On October 25, 1774, those women gathered at Mrs. King’s house, and Penelope encouraged them to stop drinking English tea and using English products.

The tea served at the party was called ‘Liberty Tea’ and was made from local herbs.

To make things official, the 50 women in attendance signed a resolution saying they would no longer purchase or use English products like tea until the tax was lifted and America was free from British control.

The event was later dubbed the Edenton Tea Party.

Although English newspapers mocked the tea party, Penelope and the other women in attendance were locally praised.

Penelope continued to boycott British products and lived a simple life with her husband when he finally returned home. She passed away in 1796 in her late 60s.

Did you know who Penelope Barker was before now?

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