She Refused To Pay For Her Boyfriend’s Meal After They Went Out To Eat And He Rudely Destroyed Her Food Before She Could Take A Picture Of It For Her Blog

Recently, they went out on a Sunday night. They alternate paying for meals, and it was her night to pay. She had a serious conversation with him, asking if he would allow her to enjoy the evening, and told him she’d be taking quick pictures of the food when it came out.

“I told him I would appreciate it if he could spare the 30 seconds for me to snap a pic of the appetizer and his meal on nights that I was paying,” she recalled.

Her boyfriend half-heartedly told her she could do what she wanted. When the appetizer came out, she got a picture and was very happy. But when their pasta entrees came out, everything went downhill.

She went to snap a picture of his plate, but he messed it up before she could. Then, when she went to take a picture of her plate, he reached over with his fork and stirred up the pasta, messing with the picture of her own meal.

Furious with her boyfriend’s immature behavior, she told him she refused to pay for his half of the meal. Instead of apologizing, he became frustrated and said he wouldn’t have ordered a cocktail if he knew he had to pay.

Now, he says she owes him because he believes she shouldn’t be allowed to suddenly change her mind and not pay for their meal after they’ve ordered.

How would you react if you were in her position?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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