She Served Some Girls Who Dined And Dashed, And She Had To Cover The Unpaid Bill With Her Own Money

“You should’ve just sold the glasses and made $200,” someone else chimed in.

“To the people saying she could’ve sold or donated the glasses, you can’t wear somebody else’s glasses,” another user pointed out.

“As someone in the restaurant industry as well, I’m in full support of this energy,” commented a fellow server.

In another video, Jessica addressed the viewers condemning her for crushing a pair of glasses.

“They were literally not real prescription glasses. They were plastic fashion-trend frames, so for those of you still arguing in the comments, please relax,” she said.

She explained that her actions stemmed from the fact that she was just a minimum-wage worker struggling to make ends meet.

At the end of the video, Jessica pleads with restaurant patrons to think twice about dining and dashing because it negatively affects servers’ wages.


hope those were $125 dollars ?

? original sound – jurassicah

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