She Thinks Her Best Friend Is Making A Huge Mistake By Buying An Apartment With Her Boyfriend, But She Isn’t Sure What To Do

Then, one time when Carlie did visit her, Carlie’s boyfriend got upset because her fiancé went shopping with her friend while she was still at work.

“I’ve been with my fiancé for seven years, and the thought did not even cross my mind,” she said.

Carlie was also given an ultimatum at one point– being forced to choose between her or the guy. This happened when she and Carlie had plans, but Carlie’s boyfriend wanted to hang out and literally said, “Make a choice.”

So, she bluntly admitted to just not liking Carlie’s boyfriend. More recently, though, she has become genuinely concerned for her best friend’s wellbeing.

For context, Carlie’s boyfriend currently lives at home with his parents; meanwhile, Carlie lives on her own in an apartment.

But with rental prices continuing to rise, her best friend planned to move back to her parent’s house at some point.

Carlie’s boyfriend recently got a new job about four months ago, though, and it is reportedly a well-paying position. Carlie has also had a job that has paid decently for the past three years.

That’s why Carlie’s boyfriend recently suggested that they just purchase an apartment together. However, she knows that the apartments in Carlie’s area are extremely expensive.

“And Carlie’s boyfriend has never lived out of the home, so he has never had to do his own washing, clean for himself, or buy his own groceries as his mom does it all for him,” she added.

Plus, before Carlie’s boyfriend suggested buying an apartment together, Carlie wound up offering to have her boyfriend move into her current apartment. That way, they could live together while he helped Carlie out with the rising cost of living.

However, Carlie’s boyfriend initially rejected that idea and claimed he didn’t want to live with her best friend just yet.

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