She Told Her Older Sister To Deal With The Consequences After Her Sister Knowingly Married And Had Kids With An Unstable Person Who Wound Up In Jail

That’s why her family has recently turned to her and asked if she would start caring for her nieces and nephews while she works from home.

However, that just would not be possible for her. While she works from home, she is still expected to actually work, speak with clients, and actively participate in meetings. And that means she would be unable to step away from her computer to constantly keep an eye on the children– especially Rae, who is still young.

On top of that, she is only 25 years old and still has college debt to pay back. So, she thinks that having experience babysitting as a teenager does not mean she is ready to practically become a parent or caregiver herself.

“I also reminded Bethany that she has never really been involved in my life other than attending the same occasional holiday parties,” she added.

“We may share DNA, but we’re practically strangers.”

So, while she acknowledged that Adam’s situation is unfortunate right now, she also pointed out how, over the years, Adam proved he would never be a stable partner. Yet, Bethany decided to continue having kids with Adam into her thirties– when her sister was no longer a naive teenager.

That’s why, at the end of the day, she believes that since Bethany chose the “excitement” of being with Adam, her sister also chose to deal with the consequences. And she doesn’t believe any of her sister’s choices should become her own responsibility.

However, her parents have since threatened her with an ultimatum. They claimed that unless she stepped up to the plate, then they were going to leave everything to Bethany and the kids when they pass away. Plus, she will never receive any financial help from her parents again.

Still, she stuck to her guns and told her parents to do whatever they wanted. She also reiterated the fact that, regardless, she still is not responsible for any of her sister’s life choices.

Anyway, she has since explained the whole situation to a few of her friends. And for the most part, they agreed that she was not in the wrong for refusing to help out Bethany since the option was not realistic whatsoever.

But some of her friends did claim that the way she explained her perspective to Bethany and her parents actually made her a jerk.

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