She Used To Work In A Senior Living Facility, And One Night When She Was Alone, One Of The Creepy Residents Tried To Block Her In The Bathroom

“I would just chill and watch Netflix the whole time,” she said.

However, she suddenly started to notice some weird behavior from one of the senior citizen residents towards her.

“There was this one resident, and his name was Ted,” she explained. “He was like 6′ 5″, and I swear he was like 400 or 500 pounds– like this dude was tall and huge.”

He was someone that, unfortunately, caused a lot of problems for the women working at this facility and for visitors. Everyone knew to steer clear of him for good reasons, as he was often very invasive towards females.

“The girls all there had told me to watch out for him because apparently he had been caught taking pictures of a waitress…during dinner service, and also he had been caught taking pictures of, like, a resident’s guest under her skirt one time.”

Needless to say, she learned very quickly that he was creepy and that someone she needed to keep an eye on.

She didn’t have to just believe what everyone else was saying about him because she had her own interactions with Ted that went too far.

“I also got to experience that because whenever I was working, and he was around…he would stop by, and then he would ask me, like, weird personal questions,” she explained. “Even after I had answered the questions or kind of, like, deflected, he would just stand there…watching me…for like a good five minutes. It was so uncomfortable.”

Her experience with Ted gets even worse from here. He wasn’t just acting inappropriately towards her during the day, but he also got too up close and personal with her when the facility closed for the night.

“He goes out one night, and he comes back…and at this point, I know he’s creepy, and he creeps me out, and he always tries to talk to me, and he’s already been caught taking pictures of girls…and stuff who work there,” she said. “So I’m just like, I don’t want to deal with him! I don’t want to deal with him tonight!”

She tries to strategize a plan that would allow her to ‘step away’ from her desk for long enough so that he’ll be gone when she returns.

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