She Was Asked To Babysit Her Niece And Nephew, But Told Not To Discipline Them, So They Ended Up Destroying The House

Have you ever had to babysit kids for an evening, and it ended up being a disaster?

One teenager recently had to babysit her niece and nephew and let them destroy their house after her sister-in-law instructed her not to discipline them. 

She’s 17 years old and has a 32-year-old brother named Casey. Casey is married to his wife, Mandy, and they have two kids, a three-year-old son named Nick and a two-year-old daughter named Mya.

She was asked last minute to babysit Nick and Mya when the babysitter Mandy hired for the day had to cancel.

She was nervous, having never babysat them before, but her parents begged her to do it and offered to pay her, so she said yes.

“Babysitting Nick and Mya was a nightmare,” she recalled. “They acted like they had never been told ‘no’ or been forced to behave in their entire lives.”

Nick and Mya drew on the walls, flushed toys down the toilet, threw massive temper tantrums, etc.

She called Mandy in the middle of the day to let her know what was happening and told her she had Nick and Mya standing in a corner in time-out.

Mandy ended up coming home early that day. However, Mandy didn’t discipline the kids; she disciplined her. Mandy was angry with her and told her that she shouldn’t discipline her kids because she’s not their mom and needs to “learn her place.”

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