She Was Just Given The Job Of New York City’s Very First Rat Czar, And She’s Trying To Take Control Of The City’s Terrible Rat Problem

Still, she’s determined to help improve the quality of life for many New Yorkers as she introduces science and research-based operations to take control of the city’s heinous rat population. 

“Rat mitigation is more than a quality-of-life issue for New Yorkers,” said Kathleen Corradi at a recent press conference.

“Rats are a symptom of systemic issues, including sanitation, health, housing, and economic justice. As the first director of rodent mitigation, I’m excited to bring a science- and systems-based approach to fight rats.”

In addition to launching city-wide plans for rodent control, Kathleen and Mayor Adam’s administration will be honing in on the neighborhoods across all boroughs with the largest rodent populations, like Harlem, Chinatown, Grand Concourse, Prospect Heights, Bushwick, etc.

Mayor Adams also announced that $3.5 million will be allocated to rapidly controlling Harlem’s rat issue. 

A lot of the rat mitigation will involve cutting off their food sources, so Mayor Adams and his administration are encouraging New Yorkers to be more mindful of their trash and food waste.

The Department of Sanitation has implemented new trash set-out times and encourages New Yorkers to be extra conscious of what’s going on inside their homes, being sure to keep their spaces clean and sealing any cracks or holes in or around their building.

“We are especially excited to have the rat czar’s leadership, and we welcome her to the frontlines of this critical battle for health and quality of life for all New Yorkers,” said DOHMH Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan.

Did you ever think there would be a day when someone was given the title of ‘rat czar?’ Best wishes to Kathleen Corradi on her mission! 

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