She Went On A Bike Ride Of A Lifetime in 1894, And She Was The First Woman To Bike Around The World

At one point, Annie had ditched her skirt and changed into a men’s suit for the duration of her journey.

On her trip, Annie traveled via boat when absolutely necessary, but other than that, she rode her bike everywhere.

She used up all the attention she received and told fascinating stories about hunting tigers in Asia and dodging bullets in other places, like a real show-woman. Watching her ride a bike on her own around the world was very liberating for women at the time.

Annie finished her journey in Chicago in 1895. She returned safely to her family. They eventually moved to New York City, where she died in 1947 in her late 70s.

Annie went on a remarkable journey and proved to tons of people that women were just as capable of doing what men could do during a time when they were often doubted.

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