She Went On A Brunch Date That Didn’t Go Well At All, And Later, The Guy Sent Her A Series Of Unhinged Text Messages

Diana Vyshniakova - - illustrative purposes only

Unsurprisingly, a dating app has produced yet another let-down of a date. TikToker Vivian (@viviansmalls.mp3) went out to brunch with a guy, and after their date, he sent her a series of unhinged text messages.

So here’s what happened. She matched with a guy on Tinder, and they made plans to get brunch on Saturday at noon at a place across from her apartment complex.

When 11:30 AM rolled around, she still hadn’t heard from him. But she knew he worked at a club and was probably up late the previous night.

Vivian was going to shoot him a text, saying it was fine if he had to cancel, but he texted her just in time, letting her know their brunch date was still on.

They met at the brunch place, and he gave her a hug. As they were waiting to be seated, she asked him how work was last night and about his plans for the rest of the day.

He replied that since he had gotten up so late, his whole day was basically over. In response, Vivian jokingly apologized that he was being forced to waste time with her.

He didn’t give any answer to her comment. They proceeded to sit down and chat a bit more, with Vivian pretty much carrying the conversation. Then, he told her he couldn’t think of anything to ask her.

Besides that, brunch was fine. But when the check came, he complained about how the server didn’t split the bill.

They went up to the cashier, and he turned to Vivian and asked her as an afterthought if she wanted him to pay. At this point, Vivian was put off by him and responded that she didn’t care what he did.

Diana Vyshniakova – – illustrative purposes only

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