She Went On A Brunch Date That Didn’t Go Well At All, And Later, The Guy Sent Her A Series Of Unhinged Text Messages

He ended up paying for the meal. Vivian thanked him, hugged him goodbye, and headed home to call her mom and divulge the details of her unsatisfactory date. But then, he texted her.

His first text read: “Well, I went into Trader Joe’s, and had all the thoughts going through my head, and I’m kicking myself because I was just so overwhelmed by how hot you are, and I wish I was making out with you right now.”

Vivian did not answer, so he followed up by asking if she was down for a make-out session. She then felt compelled to respond. She pointed out that he couldn’t even think of anything to ask about her during their date.

He said that he just didn’t know what to say because he had too many questions and wasn’t sure which way he wanted to take the conversation.

Then, he bombarded her with a lengthy text message, asking about her childhood memories, if she listened to any podcasts, what her mattress was like, if she liked hiking or camping, and much more.

The chances of him getting a second date were already non-existent, but after this mess, Vivian could not emphasize enough how badly she did not want to see him again.


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