She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Made Her Look Through A 50-Page Photo Album Of His Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog

Yakobchuk Olena-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog and person

First dates can be total disasters, which is also what makes them so hilarious and entertaining. We don’t like to laugh at others’ misfortunes, but bad date stories are just so relatable. It eases our minds to know that people out there have been through the same situations.

A TikToker named Clara (@claraberghaus) is sharing an awful first date story about a guy who was drunk the entire time and made her look through a 50-page photo album of his ex-girlfriend’s dog.

In February 2020, she matched with a man on Hinge and had been messaging for weeks before meeting up together. Finally, on Super Bowl Sunday, he asked what her plans were.

Clara replied that she had no plans, so he invited her to his place, where he was watching the game with his fraternity brothers.

When Clara arrived at his apartment, she had to pay $17 to park at his building, which was annoying.

Also, his apartment was shockingly clean and immaculate in a way she had never seen before from a man. Truthfully, it gave off serial killer vibes.

“Like three-tiered matching towels, $200 throw pillows, fresh, not fake, flowers on every surface. He had a guest room set up like a hotel with matching twin beds for people to crash in. It was bizarre,” recalled Clara.

The man was wasted when Clara showed up. He handed her a shot of tequila, which she downed quickly. Then, after consuming half of a shot, he ran to the bathroom to projectile vomit.

When he returned from the bathroom, he pounded down eight beers in the time it would take for Clara to finish just one.

Yakobchuk Olena-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog and person

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