She Went On A First Date To The Movies, And The Guy Made Her Pay For Everything After Claiming To Have Forgotten His Wallet, Which She Later Saw In His Pocket

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A woman went on a first date to the movies where the guy made her pay for everything. Shayla Herrington (@shaylamherrington) described her worst date ever on TikTok, and thankfully, it was a far cry from where she is now – happily married with a beautiful baby boy.

At the time of the dreadful date, Shayla was an 18-year-old working at Subway. They had just gotten a new hire who she really got along with. So he asked her out on a movie date and decided that they would watch Finding Dory.

On the day of the date, they met at the theater, and Shayla went up to the ticket booth to purchase her movie ticket. Afterward, she expected him to go up and pay for his ticket, but he merely stood there, unmoving.

Apparently, he had forgotten his wallet! So Shayla ended up paying for his ticket, and they headed inside. But then, he mentioned that he wanted some popcorn and drinks, and Shayla had to pay for that too!

Then, during the entirety of the movie, he complained about how bad the movie was, even though he was the one who picked it. Also, who doesn’t like Finding Dory anyway?

After the movie was over, they walked out to the car, and along the way, he received a text from someone. As he was pulling his phone out of his pocket, she noticed his wallet peeking out.

“If he didn’t have the money, we could’ve done something else. He could’ve just said that, like it wasn’t embarrassing for him to say that, but no, he lied to me,” stated Shayla.

Shayla was so over it at that point and ready to head home, but then something weird happened. The guy kissed her and asked if anyone had ever told her that she was a good kisser.

She was unsure what to think of the question and hesitantly answered no. Finally, he said, “Good,” and just walked off.

molenira – – illustrative purposes only

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