She Wore White To A Wedding And Some People Got Upset With Her, But Then She Explained Her Reasoning Behind Her Outfit Choice

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A woman from Australia caused an uproar on TikTok when she showed off the dress she was wearing to a wedding.

Lacey-Jade Christie (@laceyjadechristie) revealed that she was planning on wearing a low-cut white dress to her friend’s wedding.

She received harsh criticism, with many commenters making jabs at her body, insulting the dress, and condemning her as a bad person.

It is a well-known social rule to avoid wearing white to someone’s wedding in order not to overshadow the bride on her big day.

However, more and more people are straying from traditional wedding wear, which the haters on TikTok failed to recognize.

The practice of wearing white all started with Queen Victoria back in 1840. She wanted her dress to stand out among the rainbow of colors that brides usually wore.

She wound up creating a fashion statement. It then became a symbol of purity, letting men know that a woman wasn’t “tainted.”

Lacey considers these to be outdated ideals and is calling critics out for not taking into account that in modern times, some people might not want to practice them.

“Are we still doing that…really? Also, not assuming…that people who are getting married are automatically brides…,” Lacey pointed out.

miladrumeva – – illustrative purposes only

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