She’s A Registered Dietitian Talking About The Things We Say That Are Unintentionally Harmful To Kids And Their Eating Habits

“The reason we’re avoiding those is because we want them to listen to their internal cues about their hunger and their fullness and not feel like there’s any outside pressure to eat more or eat less,” explains Kacie.

Next, try not to make a fuss when a kid gets themself or asks for more food throughout the day by saying, “You’re hungry again?”

Kacie says that getting hungry is a normal biological signal in human beings, and it’s okay for kids to notice that. 

Finally, Kacie points out that as adults and parents, we should avoid making any comments about a child’s changing weight, even if they seem positive, like, “You look like you lost some weight; that’s great!” 

“This goes for adults, too,” says Kacie.

“It’s much more effective and helpful for their well-being to just focus on healthy habits and not their size. This stuff does leave a mark, and it’s just better left unsaid.”

Were there any phrases on this list that surprised you?


Have these things ever been said to you as a child? Or have people said them to your kid? #greenscreen #registereddietitian #toddlermom #preschoolmom #girlmom #millenialparents #millenialparenting #nondiet #momlife #motherhood #raisingkids

? original sound – Kacie Barnes, MCN, RDN

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