She’s Been A Bra Fitting Expert For 18 Years, And She’s Talking About How Often You Should Be Washing Your Bras

Tanya Rozhnovskaya-, illustrative purposes only

Bras tend to be one of those garments we put off washing on laundry day. It just seems like a whole lot of work, and they never really look dirty anyway, so why even bother?

Plus, we were never educated on bra care, so we were forced to turn to questionable strategies like the sniff test.

So I suspect that most of us probably aren’t washing our bras as often as we should, which raises the question of how many times you can wear a bra before it needs a cleaning.

TikToker Kimmay (@hurraykimmay) has been a bra fitter for eighteen years. As an expert on undergarments, she’s informing us on how often we should actually be washing our bras. And her answer may surprise you.

If you’ve been wearing a sports bra or have had a really sweaty day, wash your bra right away. If you’re wearing a basic bra on a typical day, wash it every three to four wears.

Washing your bras is important to do because it helps get rid of the dirt and grime that has collected on the elastic.

The grime can cause the elastic of your bras to break down sooner. You also want to protect the elastic by using a gentle soap specifically geared toward stretchy items.

Another reason to throw your bra in the laundry is that it can become the origin of odors without you even realizing it.

Many bra-wearers have experienced odors that they can’t determine the source of. And all the while, the stench is coming from their bra. Smelly bras are a thing!

Tanya Rozhnovskaya-, illustrative purposes only

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