She’s Considering Dropping Out Of Her Camping Trip After Finding Out That One Of Her Girlfriends Will Be Taking Her Kid

alexanderuhrin-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As you get older, it can be really hard to make plans with friends that don’t have kids. If you’re not making plans that involve the kids, there’s a good chance it’ll take a long time to make it happen.

One woman is considering dropping out of what was supposed to be an adults-only camping trip after finding out that one of her girlfriends will be taking her kid. 

She’s 28 years old and has two close friends, Jen and Kate. She is the only one out of all three who doesn’t have kids.

Three months ago, they decided they’d go on a camping trip in June.

Initially, they thought of making it a group trip where each person brought their significant other, but Kate said she didn’t want to leave her kids with anyone else except her or her husband, so they all decided it would just be a girls’ trip for the three of them.

She’s been so excited to let loose with her friends on this trip, going swimming and drinking around a campfire. She booked the campsite herself and has been working hard to make all the arrangements.

Kate has two daughters, and her eldest daughter has behavioral issues, so she has difficulty leaving them. Kate’s eldest daughter tends to behave better when she’s around, and it’s a struggle for her husband, who is her kids’ stepfather.

So recently, Jen spoke with Kate’s husband, who surprisingly said that Kate would be taking her oldest daughter with her on the camping trip while the younger one stays home with him.

“When Jen asked Kate about it, she said that her husband didn’t want to be ‘stuck’ with the older daughter because her behavioral challenges are worse when she has to be away from her mom,” she said.

alexanderuhrin-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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