She’s Explaining Why You Should Never Accept A Guy Saying He Needs Space From You Or A Guy Wanting To Break Up With You, But Then Takes It Back

Elena Kratovich - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Is it a huge red flag when a guy says he needs some space from you? What about when he breaks up with you but then takes it back? It’s hard to tell just what exactly might be going through his mind and if he’s playing games or not.

Anna (@maybebothstyles) on TikTok has some advice for all you ladies out there who aren’t sure what it means when a guy you’re seeing suddenly wants out.

She states that she would never go back to a man who asked for space or a man who breaks up with her and tries to get back together afterward, all because of this cautionary tale.

Anna set this specific standard for herself after hearing a story from a guy she was dating at the time. The story begins with her ex-boyfriend’s good friend from college named Chad (not his real name).

Chad decided to attend business school across the country but didn’t want to deal with the burden of being in a long-distance relationship. Therefore, he ended things with the girl he had been dating for a few years.

After two years of partying and sleeping his way through all the women at business school, Chad graduated and realized he might be ready to finally settle down.

So he reached out to the girl he had dumped, and guess what? They’re married now and have at least one child together that Anna knows of.

Long story short, a man who does this to you sees you as disposable, and that raises many red flags.

“You are an opportunity that only comes once, and the right man won’t let go of you the first time,” says Anna.

Elena Kratovich – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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