She’s Feeling Very Uneasy After Discovering A Folder In Her Husband’s Filing Cabinet Containing Documentation Of Their Arguments, Her Financial Records, Her Driver’s License, And Her Social Security Number 

She also knew her husband had kept all of the trade contacts from when they built their home in a folder in his files.

So, she opened up his file cabinet in search of the electrician’s contact information but wound up stumbling upon a folder that had her name on it instead.

She was obviously intrigued and curious about what could have been in there, too, which was why she opened it up. But she could not believe what she found.

Inside, her husband had documentation of all of their arguments and fights. Plus, he also had all of her financial records– including her W2 forms, paystubs, tax returns, bank statements, and real estate contracts– as well as copies of her driver’s license and social security card!

This was immediately alarming to her, and she confronted her husband with everything she found.

However, her husband just claimed the information was for “self-protection” in the event they ever got divorced.

“I feel betrayed,” she admitted.

Now, she does earn a lot of money in her current job; meanwhile, her husband is self-employed. And since they live in a community property state, he would be entitled to half of her assets– which she is honestly fine with.

However, what upsets her is how it seems like her husband is calculating and planning for the end of their marriage.

Her husband, on the other hand, has a different perspective. To him, the file represents self-protection.

“It’s not to actively go after me, but if I tried to divorce him or kick him out, he wants to document things I’ve done,” she explained.

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