She’s Furious After Her Stepdad Bought Them Tickets For A Father Daughter Dance In An Attempt To Bring Them Closer Together

Prostock-studio-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

I remember loving attending my community’s annual ‘Father Daughter Dance’ as a kid with my dad. 

But one young woman is furious after her stepdad bought them tickets for one in an attempt to bring them closer together.

She’s a young woman and sadly lost her birth father when she was little. Her mom brought her stepdad into her life when she was eight, and since then, she’s struggled to see him as a father figure. 

That isn’t to say her stepdad hasn’t tried relentlessly to get her to see him as her real dad. He’s offered to adopt her and mentioned multiple times that he wants her to change his last name to his.

Her stepdad wants every Father’s Day to be all about him, and once, he even asked her to write down her name so he could get it tattooed on his body.

On multiple occasions, he’s asked her to call him ‘dad,’ even though she refuses. In her eyes, she’ll only ever have one true dad, her late father. She respects her stepdad and is fine with having a relationship with him, but she is tired of him trying to act like he’s a replacement father.

“I always say we can be close, but he will never be called dad by me,” she explained.

“The title is special for my dad. He said he wants to be that special to me, that I am his only kid, and he thinks he is a good enough guy to be my only dad.”

Recently, a music club she’s part of announced they’d be hosting a father-daughter dance. She knew from the minute the dance was announced that she didn’t want to go, and she made that clear to her parents.

Prostock-studio-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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