She’s Going On Her First-Ever Date This Week, And She’s Terrified Of Embarrassing Herself

“And I have such a small vocabulary that it looks like English is not even my first language. But it is,” she added.

Plus, while she can ask other people questions, she also struggles to figure out how to respond. That’s why most of her answers usually consist of, “Oh cool,” “Nice,” or, “That’s good.”

To top it all off, she is also extremely forgetful, which makes it a major struggle to communicate “normally.” More specifically, keeping conversations going or even just starting some conversations in the first place.

Each time, she feels like there are “awkward long silences” simply because she does not know what else to say. And in those instances, she tends to just say a bunch of random statements in an attempt to fill the silence. But, she claims the random things she says are never anything “smart” or profound.

“Let’s just say I am NOT the smartest person out there. I wish I was, though,” she revealed. “I really have not had a ‘deep’ or ‘intellectual’ conversation with anyone because I think I’m incapable.”

That’s why she feels like she can seriously relate to the character Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants or Dory from Finding Nemo.

Finally, aside from her troubles communicating with new people, she also just feels like she is ugly. With her first real date right around the corner, though, she is done feeling this way. That’s why she is ready to learn how to improve herself and is now seeking advice on how to thrive on her first date.

Do you remember how it felt to go on your very first date? How did you cope with the nerves? What advice would you give this young woman?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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