She’s Got A Recipe For An American Flag Fruit Pizza That You Can Make For Memorial Day

Arrange a row of fresh blueberries around the edge of the pizza. Use the rest of the blueberries to create a corner of stars situated on the top left side of the pizza.

Then, line up some raspberries across the pizza to resemble the red stripes on the American flag. Take another four ounces of cream cheese, place it in a plastic baggie with a small hole cut in one of the corners, and squeeze it out between the rows of raspberries to make the white stripes.

Side note: you can also try making this recipe with a rectangular pan!


AMERICAN FLAG FRUIT PIZZA ?? This recipe is perfect for Memorial Day weekend or 4th of July! SEE FULL RECIPE BELOW?? COOKIE CRUST ??12-16inch greased pizza pan ??1-2 tubes of Sugar cookie dough ??Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 min WHIPPED TOPPING ?8 oz Cool Whip ?2/3 cup Sugar??1 tsp Vanilla??8 oz Cream cheese?(Use 1/2 to spread & 1/2 for the stripes) TOPPINGS???1 dry pint Blueberries, Fresh???12 oz Raspberries, Fresh #memorialdayweekend #summerdessert #dessert #fourthofjuly #4thofjulycookies #cookiepizza #fruitpizza #dessertinspo #dessertideas #summertreats #summerrecipes

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