She’s Jealous Because Her Twin Sister Got A Sugar Daddy Who Has Completely Changed Her Life

That’s why, even though she knows that she is supposed to just be happy for her sister, it’s frustrating that her sister is getting everything in a way that seems easier. Don’t get me wrong: her sister has never thrown any accomplishments in her face or anything like that.

“But when I have to bust my (behind) to get anything I want, and I see how she can just float through life, it just makes me feel so mad,” she said.

And to her, it almost feels worse that her sister’s sugar daddy “arrangement” genuinely seems to be a good setup. This fact alone makes her feel even more bitter, and she feels like her sister will always have it easier since her twin’s looks open up pathways to success that she feels are not accessible to her.

“I love my sister, and I love that she is succeeding and happy,” she vented. “But I don’t know how to stop being bitter about it.”

And she really does not want to ruin her relationship with her sister because she truly believes her twin is a wonderful person.

Lately, though, she realized that she had been acting pretty rude and snarky toward her twin. And moving forward, she doesn’t want to behave like that. So now, she’s been left wondering how to quit being so angry and stop feeling bitter about the sugar daddy situation.

Can you understand why she feels bitter and jealous? Would you feel the same way in her situation? How can she save her relationship with her twin before he gets ruined by anger? What would you do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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