She’s Not Attending Her Sister’s Wedding Because She Doesn’t Want To Wear The Bridesmaid Dress Her Sister Picked Out For Her

She pulled her sister aside and asked if she could wear a dress with sleeves instead or wear long gloves to cover her scars.

However, her sister refused and said she wanted everyone to look the same, so any modifications to the dress were not allowed. She tried explaining to her sister that she wasn’t comfortable with everyone seeing the scars on her arms and didn’t want them to appear in her wedding photos.

Then, her sister asked if she could cover the scars with makeup. But, unfortunately, her scars are keloid scars, which means they’re risen. So, they can’t really be covered with makeup. 

“She then said if I wasn’t going to cooperate, I just shouldn’t come,” she remembered.

“She told my family I was being difficult and didn’t want to obey the dress code because I wanted to be different.”

Since she is very against wearing a dress that will make her uncomfortable, she decided to follow her sister’s advice and not go to the wedding.

When the invites recently went out, her sister confronted her about not RSVP’ing. 

She told her sister she didn’t want to ruin her day by dressing differently from everyone else. Instead of begging her to attend the wedding, her sister complained about how she already paid for the dresses. She offered to pay her sister back, but she wouldn’t give her the time of day.

“I know I probably sound selfish, and I shouldn’t let my own issues be a priority over my sister’s wedding, but I don’t like being in short sleeves, and there’s no other way to work around it,” she added.

Is she being selfish, or is her sister being too stubborn?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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