She’s Sharing 5 Of The Best Things About Being Single Because It Really Does Have Its Perks

When you’re single, you can be as free as you want to at home all the time. You can be as overly organized as you want or hang loose if that’s what you please. You don’t have to worry about always being your cleanest and freshest for someone else.

Many couples argue about what shows they want to watch on TV, and sometimes boyfriends can be really judgmental of girlfriends who like to watch reality television.

But Eve reminds her viewers when you’re single, control of the TV remote is yours and yours only. When you’re the only person in front of the screen, you can watch as much reality TV as you want without judgment.

Eve mentions that because she’s not dating a man right now, she doesn’t have to deal with a man’s ego. This is not to say that all men have large egos that constantly need tending to, but let’s face it, some certainly do.

She doesn’t have to pretend with certain things for a man, and she doesn’t have to be constantly pleasing one.

Finally, Eve is happy to be single because she’s tired of dating men who constantly complain about her having a cat.

“Get over it,” says Eve. “Cats are fine.”

If you’re living a single life, what are some of the perks you’ve noticed?


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