She’s Sharing All The Lessons She Has Learned From Dating

“The words you speak are going to come back to you, so if you’re saying that you’re never going to find anybody else like that, you won’t,” explained Danielle.

The mindset of “everyone is replaceable” also makes dating significantly more fun and helps you see that you’re just one step closer to meeting your perfect match.

Number five: stay away from guys who want to hang out but never make any plans to do so. If he always has an excuse about why he’s too busy, he’s most likely seeing someone else or testing if you’re on his hook.

Number six: stop being available to him 24/7. This may sound harsh, but it makes you look desperate. Don’t wait around for him to text back. Do your own thing instead of operating on his time.

Next, stop posting on your Instagram and take on a more mysterious aura. When you broadcast every activity you’re doing throughout the day, there’s no mystery or intrigue surrounding you.

Danielle advises that the only time you should be posting on your story is when you’re all dressed up for a night out.

And keep the posts to a maximum of three times per week when you’re talking to someone new. They’ll wonder about what you’re doing and come crawling to you in no time.

Finally, don’t let people disrespect you, whether it’s boys, exes, or your friends. If somebody does you wrong, simply turn around and walk away. You are worth more than that and don’t need negative energy in your life.


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