She’s Showing You How To Become Friends With Anyone, Even If They’re A Total Stranger

zolotareva_elina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Friendships can’t be spun out of thin air–they take work to build. But as we get older, it is harder and harder to maintain friendships and make new ones than it was in school.

Some friends lose touch with each other, and others grow apart. Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of growing up.

If you’re looking for new friends to hang out with but are feeling a little apprehensive about putting yourself out there, TikToker Kailey Breyer (@kaileybreyer) is telling you how to become friends with anyone.

“I swear I’m like a guy. I will choose a girl and be like, she will be my friend, and I will become friends with anyone. I will sneak my way into any friend group I want,” said Kailey.

Here’s how she is able to break the ice and build a bond with a stranger. Follow her formula, and you’ll be sure to have a new bestie in no time!

So first, you have to be confident and laid-back. You don’t want to come off as desperate because that will definitely turn people away. You want to present yourself as authentic, genuine, and easygoing.

Next, you have to be patient. The people you want to be friends with, especially if they’re an already established friend group, won’t just let anyone in.

Much like a relationship, you have to work your way there slowly. When first meeting someone, you’ll find that most people have their guard up. So it takes time to open up and form a meaningful connection.

For example, Kailey had her sights set on becoming friends with a certain famous girl. Usually, people with a large following put walls up to protect themselves because of how well-known they are.

zolotareva_elina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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