She’s Single, In Her Thirties, And Wants Kids, But Isn’t Sure How To Cope With The Stress Of Trying To Find A Guy

BullRun - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old woman is currently single and has not met a guy she truly connects with in a very long time.

So, since she really wants children, she is starting to get seriously stressed out because her biological clock is ticking.

She realizes that even if she does meet the “right” man for her, it will take years before they are ready to have children together.

“And if I spend time on a relationship that’s not right for me, I will waste even more time,” she vented.

That’s why she recently took to the internet in search of other people in their thirties who are in the same boat– hoping to glean some wisdom and find out how other singles who wish to have children are handling the stress.

Many people could relate to her struggle, including both men and women.

“I am a 35-year-old dude who wanted kids in his early twenties, and I think this same way. If I meet a girl tomorrow, it might be ages before I know that she is someone for me to have kids with. Then, I’m close to 40. Things don’t go as you want sometimes,” agreed Comacove.

Still, some people offered helpful advice. For instance, one individual detailed how their single friends have turned to other options for fertility preservation.

“Several of my close friends are still single in their mid-thirties and want children. Two have already frozen their eggs, and the others are putting effort into finding a partner who doesn’t mind a two to three year timeline,” said Shaylaa30.

BullRun – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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