She’s So Over Dating That She Told Her Brother She’s Going To Start Picking Guys Solely Based On Their Blood Type

PKpix - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman named Joy texted her brother, Noir, asking him to use his large following on Twitter to help find her a spouse based on blood type.

As Joy nears twenty-four years of age, she finds herself getting tired of dating in her twenties, deeming herself a “spinster.”

Noir (@NoirEnigma) posted screenshots of their text conversation on Twitter. His sister is looking for a guy with an O-negative blood type, citing that it could be “the meet-cute of the century.”

Noir was confused as to why blood type was an important trait in a guy, and Joy cleared that right up for him.

“What if I’m in an accident and I need a blood transfusion, but we’re too far from the hospital to get me the blood I need?” asked Joy.

“My partner should be a universal donor, so that’s never a concern. My own personal blood bag.”

Joy claims to be in her “Bruce Wayne era.”

“I dated for sentiment once, and that person was unhinged. I’m in my Bruce Wayne era where instead of coping like a normal person now, I pull a 180 and do wild (stuff) like don a batsuit or date based on blood type and ability to predict stock market trends,” said Joy.

The idea of picking guys solely based on blood type blew up on Twitter, and related merchandise was even created.

PKpix – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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