She’s Talking About How Her Lactose Intolerance Caused Her To Make The Worst First Impression Of Her Life

Adela - - illustrative purposes only

When nature calls, you must answer. Unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose when the need arises, so that has definitely made for some embarrassing bathroom moments.

TikToker Isabela Barbosa (@_bela_amor) is talking about how her lactose intolerance caused her to make the worst first impression of her life.

“I came tagging along to work with my mom today. She’s currently in the nice lady’s house while I’m in the car contemplating my life choices,” said Isabela.

Isabela is lactose intolerant; however, she refuses to quit drinking milk and eating dairy products because she doesn’t see it as an issue. But after a mortifying event involving a milkshake, she is now thinking twice about it.

On the day she accompanied her mom to work, Isabela had bought an M&M milkshake and slurped up every last drop. Afterward, she felt something brewing in her stomach. Of course, she needed to use the bathroom.

Isabela’s mom has her own cleaning business with multiple employees, so they were at a client’s house when Isabela’s stomach started acting up.

Isabela’s mom introduced her to everyone and asked the client, who was a sweet older lady if Isabela could use her bathroom.

The lady directed Isabela to the first-floor bathroom that was right in the vicinity of all the cleaning employees. Meanwhile, Isabela’s stomach had quieted down, so she thought she could discreetly do her business.

Plus, everyone was busy conversing, so their chatter would hopefully drown out any bodily noises that Isabela might make.

Adela – – illustrative purposes only

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