She’s Talking About How Much She Regrets Not Being Grateful For Past Moments In Her Life

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Gratitude is good. But some of us don’t express it enough, whether it’s because of mental roadblocks or simply being too busy to stop and reflect on it.

Despite it being a simple concept, showing gratitude on a regular basis can make significant improvements to our mood and alter our perspective on life.

TikToker Ingrid (@ingrid.ophelia) is talking about how much she regrets not being grateful for past moments of her life. So she’s sharing this message to prevent others from doing the same.

“I spent most of my life not being grateful or appreciative for the things that I had in the moment,” started Ingrid.

“I spent my entire early life always wanting something more, wanting something different, and not really materialistically, but wanting to be in different situations and be a completely different person.”

Now, when Ingrid looks back on those memories, they are tainted by dark energy. And if she had been more positive and grateful about her position in life, they could’ve been fun, happy memories instead.

So let that be a lesson to embrace all the blessings you have around you, even if they’re small. Don’t dwell on the past or pine for the future.

Allow yourself to celebrate the present, no matter what challenges you may be facing right now.

Of course, there were times in Ingrid’s life that she wished she never had to think about again. However, even in those bad times, there were still little things to be grateful for.

Natalie Board – – illustrative purposes only

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