She’s Talking About How She Doesn’t Want A Typical 9 To 5 Job, As She Would Rather Be A Housewife

Antipina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

On TikTok, more and more of Gen Z are rejecting the typical nine-to-five job and corporate lifestyle. Many are even claiming that they don’t have dream jobs because they don’t dream of working their lives away.

In fact, multiple women are starting to embrace past ideals and strive to return to the traditional role of mothers and wives. Becoming a rich housewife is the new goal–it looks like the 1950s are back.

TikToker Francesca (@francesca.talks) is another voice in the crowd, joining the cries denouncing the expectations that she takes part in the workforce.

“I don’t want a job; I don’t wanna be a corporate girly; I don’t wanna climb the ladder; I don’t wanna be a boss babe; I don’t wanna do any of that,” insisted Francesca.

What she truly wants to do is to be at home, cooking in the kitchen, cleaning, shopping, and making brownies.

She dreams about greeting her future husband at the door with a big bear hug after he comes home from work, with dinner ready and waiting on the table.

She goes on to say that a job, career, or even working from home is not what she wants, and she plans for her future husband to be the breadwinner of the family.

“He’s going to bring in the dough; he will be raking it in,” she continued.

“And I’ll be right there, cheering him on as I buy 17 decorative pillows for our bed. Okay, that’s the life for me.”

Antipina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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