She’s Trying To Make Her Daughter Learn American Sign Language Because Her Stepdaughter Is Deaf, But Her Daughter’s Refusing

This 49-year-old woman recently got married to her husband, who is 52. And in addition to gaining a new beau, she also became the stepmother of her husband’s 7-year-old daughter– who is deaf and communicates solely using American Sign Language (ASL).

She also has her own daughter, who is currently 17. And she claimed that her daughter is usually very non-problematic for a teenager.

“[My daughter] does amazing in school and has never caused any problems other than regular teenage hormone stuff,” she said.

The only issue, however, is that her daughter is not very fond of her husband or her stepdaughter.

While her teen is not “outwardly rude” to the pair, her daughter will essentially just pretend that they don’t even exist. For instance, her daughter refuses to engage in anything past small talk with her husband and also skipped her stepdaughter’s birthday party.

And while she did try to get the family together for some bonding activities, it really did not work, so she stopped pushing.

“And as long as my daughter’s not being outwardly rude or harmful to them, I can’t exactly punish her for not liking them,” she reasoned.

Since she got married to her husband, however, their relationship is obviously much more serious now. That’s why she started taking some ASL classes in order to communicate better with her stepdaughter.

The classes reportedly went well, too, and she claimed she is now “as fluent as a hearing person can be.” – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people












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