Summer Is Approaching And The Days Are Getting Warmer: Here Are Some Trendy Nail Polish Colors To Capture The Essence Of The Season

Tatiana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s a great year for nail art! The past winter was all about the “glazed donut” style and neutral tones paired with a delicate shimmer.

As we’re gearing up toward summer, nail polish colors will trend toward brighter shades to capture the essence of the season.

Here’s a firsthand look at what manicures you can expect to see. We’ve included options for both those who want to go all out and those who might want to keep it more understated.

Classic Red

Let’s start off with a classic that will never steer you wrong! It’s impossible for red to go out of style. So go back to basics for the summer and coat your nails in a luscious cherry-red hue.

Electric Blue

Blue is another favorite among nail enthusiasts. Try doing a solid color for a bold, striking look. Or opt for vibrant blue accents on a nude background.

Sheer Pink

If you want a clean mani, a sheer, nude pink will be your go-to. Pink will always be a number one pick because of its purity and elegance. Plus, if you’re able to rock this look, it will show off how healthy your nails are.

Tatiana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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