This Plus-Sized Travel Influencer Has Started A Petition To Require Airlines To Offer Extra Seats Free Of Charge To People Who Don’t Fit Into A Standard Seat

For one, Jaelynn wants airlines to provide additional seats to folks who need them, as this would contribute to a safer and more comfortable flying experience.

Next, airlines should reimburse customers who purchase extra seats on their own. Additionally, airlines should “provide additional airport assistance to plus-sized travelers, if necessary, including wheelchair assistance and priority boarding.”

Priority boarding is vital because some passengers may take a little longer or require more space to reach their seats and get situated.

Larger bathrooms should also be implemented to make travel more accessible to all passengers. And that includes at least one wheelchair-accessible restroom on all airplanes.

Lastly, employee training should be mandated so airline employees learn how to treat and assist customers who may be larger in size.

Overall, her petition aims to ensure that everyone feels supported, welcomed, and comfortable on their flights, regardless of their body size or abilities.

So far, Jaelynn’s petition has received 8,295 signatures out of the 10,000 needed. If you want to support Jaelynn’s mission in protecting plus-sized travelers, you can sign the petition here.

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