This Teen Has Been Secretly Going To Therapy Because Of Her Rough Home Life In A Blended Family, And Now That Her Family Knows Her Secret, They Think She’s Rude

zinkevych - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Therapy is an excellent way for people to get support and talk through any issues that may be affecting their daily lives. It is a very private and intimate process. Some people choose not to tell others in their life that they go to therapy for the sake of privacy.

However, one teenager is getting pestered by her family after she started going to a free therapy program without telling them.

She’s 17-years-old and has had a rough home life. She’s part of a blended family, as her mom was married with two children before divorcing, marrying her father, and giving birth to her. Her half-siblings were very young when her mom married her dad.

They were allowed visitation with their biological dad as kids, but he died when they were only 7 and 10. She was still an infant at the time.

Growing up, her parents always said she shouldn’t see her siblings as half-siblings. They told her that her siblings love her, and although it may take a while for a bond to form, they’d all be super close one day.

Now, she’s just a few years shy of turning 20 and still hasn’t felt any love from her siblings.

“They weren’t mean, but they were very distant with me,” she explained.

“They didn’t include me in sibling stuff they did together. I wasn’t included in their weddings.”

Over the years, she’s tried to find ways to bond with her siblings by asking them to do things together, but they never truly made time for her. 

zinkevych – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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