This Waitress Is Telling The Story Of How A Guy She Was Serving Got Stood Up On A First Date

After twenty more minutes, Kaitlyn went to check on him. Defeated, the man asked for some food to go.

Then, another server informed Kaitlyn that one of their tables had noticed that the man got stood up and wanted to pay for his food or wine because they felt bad for him.

Kaitlyn didn’t want to embarrass the guy by letting him know that everyone around him saw that his date hadn’t shown up. So she ended up just taking the cost of the wine off his bill.

When she handed him his check, he pointed out that she did not charge him for the wine even though he had drunk almost half the bottle.

Finally, Kaitlyn revealed that another table had noticed him sitting alone and wanted to buy his wine for him.

Several TikTok users shared their own experiences as well as the times they witnessed other people getting stood up.

“I saw a girl like this at Olive Garden she sat waiting for 30 min, then she got food, ate, and left, and she walked out crying,” commented one user.

“This happened to me, and they let me have my tacos for free,” stated another.

“Omg, I had a couple, and the boyfriend left his girl to go watch a movie. Left the poor girl alone mid-date. I had to give her a rose I felt so bad,” wrote a third.


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