A Teacher At His Son’s School Wants His Son To Get A Haircut To Meet Dresscode Before Graduation, But He’s Refusing To Make His Son Do That, And It’s Causing Problems Between Him And His Wife

Well, he just responded “curtly” to Adrian’s teacher and ended the conversation there. Then, he decided to show his wife the email thread and was surprised to find out that she actually agreed with the teacher.

In fact, his wife pointed out how she had been letting Adrian get away with his haircut for all of this time just because it was technically abiding by the dress code. However, she thought that, since they received a complaint from their son’s school, they needed to “lay down the law” with Adrian.

Then, his wife even asked him to talk to Adrian about getting a haircut– which he simply refused to do. He also wound up calling his wife ridiculous, which sparked a heated argument between them.

In the end, his wife ultimately stormed off and claimed she would just talk to their son herself. Although, he has not heard anything about that from Adrian, and his son’s hair has remained uncut.

So, he actually spoke to Adrian and told his son not to let anyone touch his hair if that’s not what his son wants. He also told his wife that he would be very upset if she decided to take Adrian for a haircut behind his back.

“I can’t believe we’re fighting over our son’s hair, and I feel like an idiot for getting so worked up over this,” he vented.

Nonetheless, he’s been left wondering whether refusing to force his son to cut his hair just one week before graduation makes him a jerk or not.

If his son’s hair is technically within the dress code, does it matter what one specific teacher thinks? Do you think it’s necessary to have his son’s hair cut if there is only one week until graduation? Do you agree with his perspective or his wife’s? How would you handle this?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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