He Had Pretty Much No Food In His House Growing Up, So He’s Talking About The Bizarre Snacks He Resorted To Eating

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Once again, TikTok has popularized yet another term, turning it into a viral trend. This time, it’s all about “ingredient households.”

An ingredient household refers to a home that does not have ready-to-eat snacks. Instead, they have single ingredients used to cook meals.

TikToker Mark Roberts (@mmarkroberts) is talking about his experience growing up in an ingredient-only household and the bizarre snacks he resorted to eating.

“I live in an ingredient-only household, so there’s pretty much no food in my house, so when it comes to making snacks, I’ve made some questionable decisions,” said Mark.

First, Mark introduces a snack he calls the “demon triangle.” In the video, three spoons are arranged on a plate, each one containing a different substance. There is a spoonful each of guacamole, peanut butter, and honey.

Next is the “stinky swamp delight,” which Mark created after being inspired by the Shrek movies. This snack consists of a bowl of green olives dipped in Dijon mustard. Mark gives this snack a rating of seven out of ten, stating that it was surprisingly good.

Number three is “sad soup.” To make sad soup, put shredded cheese into a bowl, melt it in the microwave, and eat it with a spoon. Mark rates it a one out of ten since the “soup” was just too thick for his taste.

For number four, we have “spice will suffice.” This snack is a mixture of seasonings–salt, black pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and a bunch of other spices.

“I would lick my finger, dip it into the spices, and then lick the spices off my finger. Zero out of ten. This actually made me quite ill,” said Mark.

Suteren Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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