Her Husband Nearly Ruined Their Marriage After Having A Wild Bachelor Party A Month After Their Wedding, So Now That He’s Going Away For Another Bachelor Trip, She Is Seriously Uneasy

oneinchpunch - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A couple of months ago, this 28-year-old woman’s husband decided to have a bachelor party one full month after their wedding. And not only was she left at home while pregnant at the time, but her husband also broke her trust by crossing some serious boundaries.

Apparently, before the trip, her husband promised that the bachelor party was just going to consist of golfing and spending time at the beach with his guy friends.

“But it ended up being a weekend of debauchery that included other women and tables at clubs, lying about where he was, and I found messages of him asking his friends to delete incriminating photos of him,” she recalled.

“It caused a HUGE fight, and we were not okay for well over a month.”

As you can probably imagine, she felt extremely betrayed. And the fact that all of this occurred during only their first month of being married– while she was at home pregnant with their daughter– made her even more upset.

Still, despite her husband crossing her boundaries, he swore on their daughter’s life that he did not cheat and never would. So, they spent weeks working out their issues following the trip.

And eventually, she decided to believe her husband when he claimed he did not cheat and attempted to just move forward.

Now, however, one of her husband’s best friends is set to tie the knot soon. So, the friend is having a bachelor party weekend in the Hamptons, and she is far from thrilled.

According to her, the friend is known to enjoy clubs– especially since his fiancée does not care at all. That’s why her husband’s friend has numerous tables at clubs lined up throughout the weekend.

oneinchpunch – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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