Her Mom Has Been Treating Her Like A Husband Ever Since She Was A Teen, And It Makes Her Seriously Uncomfortable

More specifically, her mom would whine and groan, essentially acting “like a kid.”

What’s even worse is her mom looks to her for physical needs, too. Apparently, she is always expected to give her mom hugs, kisses, and massages.

Plus, her mom often wants to sleep in her bed as if they were a couple.

Strangely enough, her mom is also extremely jealous of her dog– simply because her pet gets to sleep in her bed every single night; meanwhile, her mom doesn’t.

One night, her mom even freaked out on her just because she said, “Oops, sorry, sweetie,” after bumping into her dog.

Apparently, her mom was jealous that she used a cute pet name for the pup.

“My mom went on a rant asking, ‘Why don’t I call her cute names like that’ or show her any love and that nobody loves her to do things like that,'” she explained.

Her mom’s outburst immediately made her really uncomfortable, too, so she wound up just walking away.

Still, her mom has never stopped treating her like a partner. In fact, her mom often talks about wanting to be with her all the time and even live together forever!

So, she has been really lost about what to do. She claims that she obviously does not hate her mom and swears that she gives her mom plenty of affection every single day.

But the more she does for her mom, the more is expected of her. And anytime she tries to set some boundaries in their relationship, her mom reportedly just throws a tantrum.

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