Her Mom Lost It On Her After She Left Her Brother’s Birthday Cake In Her Car And Melted It

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Some people take birthday cakes very seriously. For example, there are people who believe that if you don’t have a special cake with candles on your birthday, then it’s not an official birthday celebration. 

One young woman was accused of ruining her brother’s birthday after she accidentally left his cake in her car for too long, and it melted. 

She’s 22 years old and was asked by her mom to pick up a few things for her brother’s birthday celebration, including his cake. Her brother is the only boy in her family, so he’s always been her mom’s favorite child. 

Her mom gave her money to buy a cake, some candles, and a few other miscellaneous things. So, she first stopped at their local Costco around 11:00 am to pick up the cake.

When she got there, she noticed on her car’s thermometer that the inside of her car, which has an all-black interior read 100 degrees. So, she made sure to park her car as far away from the sun as possible. 

At Costco, she picked out a $15.99 chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. She waited in line at checkout for 10 minutes before bringing the cake back to her car.

She had to make one more stop at the nearby dollar store to grab a pack of candles, so she left the cake in her car with a towel over it so it wouldn’t be in direct sunlight. 

She was only in the dollar store for about three minutes, but it didn’t matter because, by the time she got back to the car, some of the frosting on the borders of the cake had melted.

She figured it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, that the cake would still taste good, and a little melting wouldn’t ruin the celebration.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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