Her Sister-In-Law Expects Her To Change Her Dog’s Name Because She Wants To Use This Exact Name For Her Daughter - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This woman has a dog with a super unique name, and she adopted her dog back when her dog was about 2 or 3.

Now, her dog is 6 years old, and her dog absolutely knows her name. Her dog also knows when anyone is talking about her or using her name.

“My dog’s name is Zahava, which is basically the Hebrew feminine form for the word for gold/gilded,” she explained.

“My SIL is pregnant with a girl and now apparently wants to use the name in honor of her grandmother (who also had a Z name).”

“However, she let my husband know that she was “uncomfortable” having her daughter share the same name as a dog. And then asked if we wouldn’t mind changing our dog’s name. To which we said absolutely not. She knows her name, her recall is trained to her name, and we like her name.”

She does admit that her sister-in-law’s grandma had a very dated and ugly-sounding name, so she understands why her sister-in-law doesn’t want to use that exact name.

However, she can’t see why her sister-in-law wants to steal her dog’s name. She doesn’t even know what she would rename her dog to, and also, her dog wouldn’t even know her new name if she agreed to even do this.

She’s not changing her mind, though, on refusing to rename her dog, and ever since she did tell her sister-in-law that she absolutely will not change her dog’s name, her sister-in-law hasn’t taken that well.

“So now she’s freaking out and saying that it doesn’t matter, it’s a dog, not a person, she won’t know the difference (she will), it will be “embarrassing” for her daughter to share a name with an animal,” she said. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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