His Girlfriend Is Pregnant With Her Ex’s Baby, And Now That He Knows, He’s Planning On Breaking Up With Her

NDABCREATIVITY - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old guy started dating his 28-year-old girlfriend in March, and she recently discovered that she’s pregnant.

He was able to perform a paternity test, and that’s when he learned that he is not the father of her baby; his girlfriend’s ex actually is.

On top of that, he and his girlfriend also came to the realization that they are not ready to be parents at all.

His girlfriend never did cheat on him; she just didn’t know that she was pregnant when he began dating her.

Since he has only been with his girlfriend for a few months, he has been going back and forth on if he should stay with her.

He knows that when she does give birth, he’s going to have to step up to help raise a child that’s not even his.

His girlfriend has mentioned that she has no problem raising her child alone and that he’s free to walk out the door whenever he feels like it, but that seems wrong to him.

He thinks it would be “the right thing” to at least move in with his girlfriend and raise her child as his own if they do stay together.

The problem for him really comes down to the fact that he has never been entirely positive about wanting children, and that fact hasn’t changed for him now.

NDABCREATIVITY – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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