If You’re Looking To Break The Mold As A Bride, Here’s How To Have A Micro-Wedding

Creating a micro wedding does not mean you have to strip down every aspect if you don’t want to. It is about selectively planning out all of the elements of the day and who you want to spend that day with.

Make It Memorable

Above all, it is important to make a memorable experience for you and your guests. Since your party will be more intimate, think about your guests and plan accordingly.

Fewer people at the reception mean more time for you and your partner to converse with everyone invited. One idea is to create a lounge area for your guests to hang out in, using your own or second-hand furniture items, adding a cozy element to your backyard or an outdoor venue.

This gives you the perfect place to have those chats with everyone and thank them for being in your life and celebrating this special moment with you.

Also, be sure to provide wedding favors for your loved ones. Again, since your guest list is smaller, you can take the time to really personalize these favors by adding handwritten notes or items that you know they’ll love.

Having a micro-wedding is sure to be a pleasant celebration with your favorite people that you will always remember!

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