Is It Ever Acceptable To Bring A Stranger To A Wedding As Your Plus One?

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As a wedding guest, one of the most stressful things about preparing to attend a wedding is whether or not you can bring a plus one along.

A plus one is usually a spouse or someone you’ve been in a long-term relationship with. When that’s the case, figuring out the whole plus one situation is a breeze. It’s expected that they’ll accompany you to the wedding.

However, if you happen to be single, it gets a bit more complicated. It’s undesirable to show up to a wedding alone, but is it appropriate to bring a total stranger?

Of course, it all depends on the bride and groom, but in general, it’s typically not a good idea to bring someone you don’t know very well.

There’s a certain etiquette you must follow, and nowadays, wedding etiquette is not very black and white. So if you’re struggling to determine what to do about a plus one, here’s how to handle it.

If you’re not allowed to bring a guest, try not to take offense. Understand that the guest list is something the bride and groom have spent countless hours perfecting.

Weddings are also really expensive, so they might not want to rack up extra costs for someone they don’t know on their special day.

Additionally, bringing a person you barely know might backfire. What if your guest causes a scene after having a few drinks, leaving you feeling completely mortified?

The last thing you want is to upset the happy couple and get kicked out of a wedding. So the best course of action is to avoid bringing someone whose actions are unpredictable.

ver0nicka – – illustrative purposes only

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