Minimalism Has Been On Trend For What Seems Like Forever, But Now, The Tide Is Turning To Maximalist Home Decor - - illustrative purposes only

Minimalism has been on trend for what seems like forever. But now, after years of spotless, sterile-looking rooms and neutral color schemes, the tide is turning.

Maximalist home decor is the new style, and it’s the total opposite of the simple, sleek, modern designs from before. Maximalism is big and bold. It embraces vibrancy and layers of patterns and textures.

With this interior design style, you can really showcase your personality. To incorporate a maximalist look into your home, you’ll need to arrange lots of items in a way that doesn’t look chaotic or cluttered.

Books, candles, vases, and houseplants are essential for creating a kaleidoscope of colors that your eyes can glide over.

Stack books on a coffee table and place small plants next to tall ones. The key is to pair contrasting items next to each other.

Stuff your shelves full of books but alternate between various sizes. Don’t be afraid to put a pattern of bigger and smaller books together.

Next, add texture to your home by layering rugs. Rugs can give your space a more luxurious element if that’s your style.

They can also be that eye-catching statement piece that ties the whole room together if you’re going for a more subtle theme in your space.

Mix different sizes, materials, and patterns together. For example, combine a large solid-colored rug made of natural fibers with a smaller patterned rug. – – illustrative purposes only

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